Coming around to course one four zero

“Come around to course one four zero.” These are the words from one of my favorite movies of all time, “The Enemy Below”. The destroyer captain (Robert Mitchum) realizes that the sub commander (Curt Jergens) always returns to his original heading of one four zero after there is a scrape between his destroyer and Curt Jergens’s sub.

This morning, the Lord brought this to my attention as I was reading. I started reading Timothy Keller’s mini-series book on “The Great Enemy”. I realize I’ve been in a battle the last couple of weeks and I’ve not done well. I know the Lord wants me to get back up and move forward. Well when I started to read Keller’s book, I began to have my interest stirred and my attention to the Word come roaring back to life. Keller’s book sets the foundation for spiritual warfare. This is an area God has anointed me. As I started to read, I began to see that many of the things I have learned and seen over the last couple of months were being confirmed by Keller. That was when I “heard” Curt Jergens say “Come around to course one four zero”. I knew immediately the Lord was telling me I was returning to the course He set for me. I’ve just come through a battle that has taken me off course, but now I am returning to course one four zero.


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